F I N E    A R T    L A N D S C A P E    &    S T R E E T    P H O T O G R A P H Y

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A Fine Art Photographer & A Fine Art Printer for Artists.

Welcome to Simon Barnes PhotoArt. We are a Fine Art  company producing beautiful fine art  unframed prints for our customers.  We create fine art printing for artists by photographing their art, then creating a digital image of their art / paintings and then printing their art with our Epson Fine Art large format printer into Giclee prints, onto canvases and fine art papers so that artists can profit hugely once their original art pieces are sold by having print runs of their art produced to sell time ans time again to their customers.

Fine art is in my blood and with that we work with many artists in producing fine art print runs of their original artwork. Simon works with artists to photograph their artwork in order to produce high quality Giclee limited edition fine art archival prints for them to sell to their customers.

Simon uses state of the art professional cameras and lighting. His lenses are extremely high quality in order to produce such high quality limited edition prints for artists to sell to their customers. We also use a state of the art ink jet printer and wet lab processing to deliver wonderful high quality printing. If you have any questions then please either phone Simon or email him on the contact page.






Simon Barnes PhotoArt is a subsiduary company of Simon Barnes Photography. It is specifically Fine Art based for the service to artists who need their artwork copied and printed.