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A Fine Art Photographer Creating Artwork Reproduction for Artists.

Welcome to Simon Barnes PhotoArt. We are a Fine Art  Photography company producing beautiful fine art images for our customers. Our role  is to produce very high quality fine art digital images so that once your original artwork has been sold, you can continue to make money from open and limited edition fine art giclee prints of your original artwork, therefore maximising your profit greatly from each artwork you have created.


Please don't try and photograph your work yourselves, as there is great skill in creating Reproduction Prints and only a professional photographer like myself has the equipment and experience to get the very best images from your works of art. Your art deserves the best and cutting corners will only harm your earning potential.


We use state of the art professional cameras and lighting. Our lenses are extremely high quality in order to produce such high quality digital files so you can print limited edition prints to sell to their customers. If you have any questions then please either phone Simon or email him on the contact page.






Simon Barnes PhotoArt is a subsiduary company of Simon Barnes Photography. Our website is specifically Fine Art based for the service to artists who need their artwork copied and printed.


Disclaimer Notice:- When viewing your digitised artwork we supply you on your laptops or computer monitors that have not been calibrated to SRGB standards, there may be a difference in colour or density to your images if compared to your original artwork. There is nothing wrong with the images it's just that the device you are viewing them on is not colour corrected or calibrated.